Our credo to make a customer dream come true.

We do any type of design from mooring constructions to the most modern sailing and motor megayachts and even cruising submarines.

There are five reasons for You dealing with us:

  • We use the most contemporary systems of the computer yacht design. It makes possible to rise quality and to reduce price of a yacht. Our yachts made of steel and aluminum look almost as smooth, as GRP hulls.
  • Chief designer, doctor Oleg Karulin, was working for Russian Navy more then 25 years. He is an experienced engineer and river and sea captain, that's why he knows well what is needed for yacht design.
  • What is important, wen are not middlemen. We design and build our megayachts ourselves.
  • We can suggest you not only project and contract, but ready-made hulls of megayachts, which can be completed in accordance with your request.
  • We do not leave you after the yacht is ready, but do our best to assist you with maintenance and repairs, help you to arrange berthing and to be out of trouble with your yacht.

Our goal world highest quality and Russian cost

You may take a closer look at the building process of the megayacht on this site
Our prices are not so high because of the cheap labor and materials in Egypt
Any form of payment is acceptable

Motor sailing yacht KA80

Project KA80

The KA80 project, created by the Karulin Yachts Design (KYD), offers an ideal internal balancing mix between a spacious interior and a bright exterior.

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Design and shipbuilding company Karulin Yacht Design
was established in 1998 by Oleg Karulin at the Belogorodsky Shipyard
with the assistance of engineers from the Severodvinsk Shipyard (SevMash)
Building on the Shipyard on the Read Sea in Egypt now
All possible project can be done